How to Trust a Personal Stylist Online

How to Trust a Personal Stylist Online

The thought of hiring a personal fashion stylist might be a completely new idea to you. So, the concept of hiring an online personal stylist probably sounds even crazier! How can a person know what looks good on me through a computer screen? With the continuous creation of new technology, we are more innovative than ever and are utilizing technology to enhance our lives in a variety of ways. Before technology, you would never think that getting into a stranger’s car or offering strangers to stay at your home would be widely accepted concepts. But with the creation of new tools like Uber and Airbnb, all of these things are possible. Online personal stylists can now go beyond the limitations of working through a webcam and are able to effectively style their clients remotely. It is through technology that online shopping services have developed into a more seamless experience and are now applicable to the everyday woman.

What’s an Online Personal Stylist?

With the current rise in online personalized shopping box models, more and more people are utilizing online personal stylists, like ModaBox which offers free online styling from experienced stylists whose mission it is to help the everyday woman look and feel her best. If you are new to the world of personal styling, you might not be sure where to start your research. To start, you should be sure of exactly what an online personal stylist does. An online personal stylist is a fashion stylist who digitally and remotely styles you according to your needs, preferences, and style profile. Your style profile includes data points that your online stylist utilizes to come up with recommendations of pieces that they think you will love!

How to Trust a Personal Stylist Online

Developing a sense of trust can be one of the hardest parts about hiring a personal stylist online. But, there are so many ways to develop a successful and trusting relationship with your stylist. With an online personalized shopping box model, like ModaBox, the investment is extremely affordable, making it easier to take the risk and purchase your first box. Of course, after your first box, you can voice your opinions on each piece and guide your stylist into the right direction of your style preferences. But, how can you better ensure your first box accurately reflects your style? Give your personal stylist inspiration and as much information as possible about your fashion likes and dislikes. A great and extremely helpful tool is creating a Pinterest board for your stylist to see and to better understand your fashion inspirations! Also, showing your stylist your social media allows them to better understand your preferences and gives them a glimpse into what you do socially. Sufficient information and visual data points are key to creating a successful experience. By providing your stylist an insight into your life, you can be comfortable trusting him or her to pick the right pieces for you!

Best Way to Work with a Personal Stylist Online

Because you are not working in person with your stylist, it is important to work together to produce high-quality results. The best way to work with a personal stylist online is by having open and honest communication with him or her! As I mentioned before, providing information is everything. At ModaBox, we love when clients are super chatty because we are learning more about them and are absorbing all the information they share with us! Although you have not met your stylist in person, you should be as open to working with your stylist as you are when you are shopping with your girlfriends. Just like your closest friends, we, as your stylists, want to know more about you! Let your stylist know about your style preferences, needs, goals, and fashion icons. Be honest about what you do and don’t want out of the experience. If you want the best out of your online styling experience, don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to let your stylist get to know you. Let your stylist become your fashion confidant!

How Can a Personal Stylist Online Style Me Without Seeing Me in Person?

How can an online personal stylist style me without seeing me in person? -Because that’s what we do! It is our job to be creative and to be able to style you no matter what, whether it is in person or through an online styling service! But, we cannot do it without your help! To further ensure that your personal stylist is doing their best work without seeing you in-person, send him or her a full body image of yourself. Also, send them your measurements, height, and weight. Online stylists like ModaBox want to give you the best choices possible, but you can enhance your experience by providing us those specific details. Even the littlest details matter!

How to Get the Best Out of Your Online Personal Stylist

While your online stylist wants to provide you with only the best, there are a few things that you can do to improve the quality of your experience. To get the best out of your online stylist, do not be afraid to offer constructive criticism and feedback about the clothes your stylist suggests. Without feedback, we don’t know what is the appropriate next step or your style preferences. It is really helpful to tell your stylist comments like, “I don’t need any more denim jeans”, “I don’t wear anything strapless”, “I don’t like wearing rompers because I have a longer torso”, or “I won’t spend more than $300 on an item”. This is information that will help your experience improve and be personalized to you. When you highlight the things that you don’t like, it helps us learn what to avoid and brings us closer to giving you the items that you will love. Give your stylist tough love and do not be afraid to speak up because your experience will get better as your stylist gets to know you!

Sure, working with a stylist online can be a bit worrisome, especially when it feels like you’re really just talking to a computer screen or an algorithm is choosing your clothing. At ModaBox, we are real stylists, real people with years in the fashion industry that curate your personalized outfits, and working with a personal stylist can be a really fun and rewarding experience depending on the effort you put in. An online personal styling experience is all about the constant communication and teamwork between you and your stylist!